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Since the beginning of Good News, God has called us to the orphaned children. We believe in family and community which is why we feel called to begin a Children’s Village in Ouya Village. Widows, and house parents will help raise the children with the truth of Christ.

IMG_3853We have purchased 3 acres of land, planted trees, sunk a well and we are now IMG_3129trusting God for the remaining funds to begin this project. The children’s village will consist of a school, clinic and chapel. The school will be run as an orphanage for orphaned children in the community. However we want the children to remain together with their extended family, so during school breaks they will have the opportunity to visit family members at home.

The clinic will be able to treat and heal the sick and the chapel will help us disciple and reach-out to the community effectively with the word of God. We are eager to begin this project and we are trusting that in God’s timing it will come to pass.