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Evangelism is carried out both through preaching and practical approaches  As we build huts, host feeding programs, and IMG_4242help lift the poor out of poverty, we do it with the love of God as we share the Gospel. All of our branches have a church at the location and we feel it is necessary to not only fix their physical problems but also help them come to know, love and serve God.

As well as practical approaches, we also have crusades, door to door, school ministries and other venues that we use to help spread the word of God through Kenya. We know if we want to see true transformation, it must start with Jesus. It is our hearts desire to see people surrender their life to Christ. We try our level best to disciple our flock, to teach them our values, to fear the Lord, form a servants heart and hear the voice of God. Through these practical teachings, we believe Christ will begin to transform and bring home to communities in Kenya.