Sewing School & Business

In a small rural village in East Africa, Kenya, hardworking and committed widows are trained for 18 months in learning IMG_5083the trade of tailoring. We believe in equipping the community and widows with skills to help advance their life and lift them out of poverty into a successful future. Upon graduating their sewing training, these  women will be fully equipped to receive their own sewing machine and to launch a small tailoring business. The students are busy at work completing projects for local and international business.


 This apron is one of the many projects that the women have been blessed with to continue to generating support for their families. If you would like to support these women by purchasing an order, please contact


740418_10151251203524389_748615756_o (1)  hollyandfred@goodnewskenya.org OR jamesandvangie@goodnewskenya.org 

Individual and bulk orders for both adults and children are available for you and we would be happy to customize an order for you! 


Jewelry Making

We equipped widows in Ouya Village to start jewelry making in 2012 as a way to provide for their families. In Ouya2013-06-28_12-22-05_564 1243212_10151753079824389_755621007_oVillage women are eager to work, but finding safe jobs with an income is almost impossible. In efforts to continue to empower these women, they have been trained to create handmade, unique recycle paper jewelry. Each bead is made from recycled magazine paper, threaded with masai mini glass beads and sealed with a varnished finish. These women work hard each week to complete orders made across the world. It’s our hope, that through the income of these jewelry, these women will be able to provide for there families, put their children through school,  support the community in need and plan for a better future for there family.

It has been our prayer that through income generating projects like this, that the                              dignity of these women may be restored and that they will make a difference in their home, in the family and in their community, in the name of Jesus. 

To help lift these women out of poverty, place a jewelry order today at jamesandvangie@goodnewskenya.org OR hollyandfred@goodnewskenya.org